Terms and Conditions For Clinics

The Terms and Conditions outlined below are for vendors based in the Continental USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada and for ordering online athttps://essirilabs.dearportal.com or offline directly with a sales representative. For vendors based outside of Continental USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada, please email your request at info@essirilabs.com. Thank you.

A. Reasons for Returns.
Clinics may return a Product to Supplier for One Hundred percent (100%) credit, at the Clinic’s option and within 7 days following receipt of Order, if the Clinic demonstrates picture evidence that any of the following conditions are met:
1.Supplier shipped the Product in error;
2. The Product is damaged before it is accepted by the Clinic;
3. The Product packaging or crating is damaged before it is accepted by the Clinic; or
4. The Product does not materially perform to performance specifications provided by Supplier or the manufacturer of the Product.

B. Manner of Return.
Subject to Section C below , where possible, a Clinic must return a Product in its original packaging or crating.

C. Hygiene restrictions.
The Supplier warehouse does not accept any returns for hygiene reasons. In the event a Product is broken or damaged, Supplier will replace it with a new Product, or if it is a Discontinued Product or Unavailable Product, with a functionally equivalent Product, if available, at the sole discretion of Supplier. In the event a functionally equivalent Product is not available, Supplier will notify Member at such time as a functionally equivalent Product becomes available.

D. ESSIRI LLC product warranties.
Defective products will be replaced. Members must notify the Supplier within 7 days from receipt of order, for replacement.
Notification to Supplier must include photographs of the defective Products which must be emailed to info@essirlabs.com with an accompanying explanation of such defect.

E. Damaged shipments:
If your package has arrived damaged, don't worry – we're here to assist! To evaluate the possibility of resending your clinic products, please follow the instructions below. In some cases, we may need to file a claim with our carrier, and we kindly ask you to follow the provided instructions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth resolution.

Thank you for choosing our service. Let's collaborate to swiftly address this issue.

Please share with us:

1. Sales Order #

2. Photo Documentation (7 Photos):

Capture pictures of:
- Damaged item in its packaging.
- Close-ups of the damaged item.
- Packaging materials used.
- Shipping label with tracking number.
- Box manufacturer's certificate.(round stamp on outside of box)
- Two photos showing all sides of the package.
- Dimensions of the box (height, length, and width).

3. Contact Information:
Please reconfirm accurate contact details: address, phone number, and email for UPS to get in touch with you if needed.

4. Original Packaging:
Keep the original packaging and damaged items until the claim is resolved, as our carrier may require further verification.

By sharing these details promptly, we can file a claim efficiently and increase the chances of a successful resolution.

F. Minimum order value, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and shipping conditions.
Unless agreed otherwise with ESSIRI LLC, the minimum order value is $290 and the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) per SKU on each order is 5 units except for special limited editions and Refreshing Eye Towelettes - box of 30 individual sachets which have an MOQ of 3 units. Supplier ships products via UPS Ground for Continental US, UPS Air for Hawaii and Puerto Rico and DHL or UPS for Canada. Pricing for shipping by destination are the following:

within Continental USA:

                   Min. order value*        Max. order value*     Shipping cost
Shipping 1.  $0.00                         $249.99                   $12.00
Shipping 2   $250.00                     $599.99                   $17.00
Shipping 3   $600.00                     $899.99                   $29.00
Shipping 4   $900.00                     $1,199.99                $39.00
Shipping 5   $1,200.00                  $1,499.99                $49.00
Shipping 6   $1,500.00                  $1,999.99                $65.00
Shipping 7   $2,000.00                  $2,499.99                $85.00
Shipping 8   $2,500.00                  $2,999.99                $95.00
Shipping 9   $3,000.00                  $3,999.99                $125.00
Shipping10  $4,000.00                   $4,999.99**            $155.00
Shipping11  $5,000.00                   $5,999.99**            $195.00
Shipping12  $6,000.00                   $6,999.99**            $225.00


to Hawaii and Puerto Rico:

                        Min. order value*   Max. order value*     Shipping cost
Shipping 1.  $0.00                          $249.99                    $38.00
Shipping 2   $250.00                     $599.99                   $90.00
Shipping 3   $600.00                     $899.99                    $117.00
Shipping 4   $900.00                     $1,199.99                $120.00
Shipping 5   $1,200.00                  $1,499.99                $120.00
Shipping 6   $1,500.00                  $1,999.99                $160.00
Shipping 7   $2,000.00                  $2,499.99                $200.00
Shipping 8   $2,500.00                  $2,999.99                $240.00
Shipping 9   $3,000.00                  $3,999.99                $320.00
Shipping10 $4,000.00                   $4,999.99**             $400.00

to Canada :

                   Min. order value*         Max. order value*     Shipping cost
Shipping 1.  $0.00                          $249.99                   $14.00
Shipping 2   $250.00                      $599.99                   $20.00
Shipping 3   $600.00                      $899.99                   $34.00
Shipping 4   $900.00                      $1,199.99                $45.00
Shipping 5   $1,200.00                   $1,499.99                $57.00
Shipping 6   $1,500.00                   $1,999.99                $75.00
Shipping 7   $2,000.00                   $2,499.99                $98.00
Shipping 8   $2,500.00                   $2,999.99                $110.00
Shipping 9   $3,000.00                   $3,999.99                $144.00
Shipping10  $4,000.00                   $4,999.99**              $179.00

* Minimum or maximum order value after discount.
** For orders above $5,000 please contact info@essirilabs.com.

G. Additional information.
Pricing and Discount offered is agreed with ESSIRI LLC. Supplier reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product offerings without prior notice.

Products purchased via https://essirilabs.dearportal.com are for professional use or resale only. Please visit https://eyesarethestory.com/ if you wish to order products for personal use or email info@essirilabs.com.

Last updated: 11/21/2023