ÈSSIRI Labs is creator of Èyes Are The Story, the World’s first optocosmetics and skincare brand formulated and clinically proven safe for sensitive eyes and skin, dry eyes, and contact lens wearers.

Uniquely focused on eye health and wellness, This Boston-bred startup launched its biobeauty brand in 2020. Masterminded in the brain-hub of biotech, ÈSSIRI Labs’ collaborates with laboratories in three countries and global experts in the field of vision health. Their scientific platform is based on peer-reviewed research focused on ocular surface disease.

Having worked in the field of ocular surface disease for two decades, Founder Amy Gallant Sullivan discovered an unmet need for eye-friendly products. Studies show that eyes can suffer multiple adverse reactions to makeup and skincare, including ocular irritation, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, allergies and dry eye disease.

Blurring the lines between beauty and Pharma, she created an intellectually sleek brand ethos, where the logo is the maxim. "With Èyes Are The Story, we're expanding the toxic beauty conversation to preserve the homeostasis of the eyes," said Gallant Sullivan, “While addressing the burgeoning vanity-inspired-wellness trend.”

With determination to ameliorate the deleterious effects of cosmetics on the eye's ocular surface—without sacrificing function and style—a brand was born. "We've poured decades of eye science into this line to inspire radiance and confidence, without compromising eye health," expounded Gallant Sullivan.